Geotechnical Engineering

The specialization track in Geotechnical Engineering is the most recent among those offered within the MSc Degree Programme in Civil Engineering. Born as a minor of the track “Structures”, this track has kept a strongly structural feature, unlike homonymic degree programmes activated in other Italian universities where, according to the local cultural background, geological, hydraulic, or more descriptive approaches can be followed.


The first year aims at providing students with solid skills in the field of Computational Mechanics; special attention is devoted to Solid Mechanics, which, together with Fluid Mechanics, underpins any geotechnical problem .

The second year has a strongly geotechnical feature, and encompasses courses dealing with slope stability and the design of foundations, retaining structures, tunnels, and earthworks such as dams or embankments.


Owing to their computational background, graduates in civil engineering who majored in Geotechnics are able to address problems even outside the field of Civil Engineering in the strictest sense: for instance, engineering problems related to exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs, or construction of artificial islands.

In the region of Milan, geotechnical engineering firms are heavily involved in the desing of works in the Middle and Far East and in quite large number of developing countries. Accordingly, the entire track is taught in English.